Joseph Poindexter Timberlake

Born: 01-01-1815
Died: 06-12-1861

Father: Julius Timberlake     01-01-1797 to 01-01-1828
Mother: Temperance Freeman     01-01-1795

Spouse1: Caroline Robbins     to 11-09-1893    Married: 10-01-1841  Franklin

Child1: Martha Temperance Timberlake     01-01-1842 to 09-03-1916
Child2: William Burton Timberlake     01-01-1844
Child3: Mary Timberlake     01-01-1846
Child4: Joseph John Timberlake     01-01-1847 to 01-01-1938
Child5: S George Timberlake     01-01-1855
Child6: Louisa Timberlake     01-01-1858

His will is recorded in Franklin County Book R page 190.

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