Franklin Howard Timberlake

Born: 01-01-1890
Died: 01-01-1955

Father: Benjamin Franklin Timberlake    

Spouse1: Nina L Lockwood        Married: 01-01-1915
Spouse2: Carrie Frye Withrow        Married: 01-01-1920

Child1: Doris Leota Timberlake 12-28-1913 to 07-21-2000    
Child2: Ruth Marie Timberlake 10-27-1915 to 05-27-2007    
Child3: Wilbur Howard Timberlake 01-01-1921 to 07-21-2000    
Child4: Lyle Leslie Timberlake 03-27-1925 to 11-12-1999    

2 daughters, no sons with Nina.

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