Haddie Bell Patterson

Born: 11-28-1871
Died: 08-14-1939

Spouse1: David Washington Timberlake Sr.     07-10-1872 to 07-22-1956    Married: 11-22-1899  Tinkling Springs Church

Child1: David Washington Timberlake Jr.     09-09-1900 to 10-04-1981
Child2: Hettie Elizabeth Timberlake     10-28-1902 to 10-01-1975
Child3: Evelyn Virginia Timberlake     04-19-1908 to 07-03-2000
Child4: Joseph Craig Patterson Timberlake     02-20-1913

Her sister was Nanny Sublet, who had two daughters: Nancy, and Frances Warren, from Harrisonburg. Haddie Bell was the Union County (Westfield, NJ) Republican Committeewoman. Many discussions in the Timberlake home were political.

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