Amanda Shackleford Byrne

Born: 08-01-1859
Died: 03-02-1902

Spouse1: Harry Timberlake     03-10-1847 to 03-04-1913    Married: 12-12-1876  Loudoun County, VA

Child1: Eva Harfield Timberlake     10-14-1877 to 12-19-1950
Child2: Lillie Lee Timberlake     04-19-1887 to 06-04-1911
Child3: Neb Timberlake     12-07-1890 to 01-01-1892
Child4: Henry Turner Timberlake     05-16-1892
Child5: Kimble Byrne Timberlake     08-20-1895

Nickname was "Lilly" or "Lillie". Buried at Mount Hebron Cemetary, Winchester, VA.

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