Henry Timberlake Duncan V

Born: 02-14-1955

Father: John Allen Duncan 05-12-1917 to 09-13-1999    
Mother: Judith Brown 03-27-1925 to 04-15-2010    

Spouse1: Joy Unknown        Married: 01/01/01
Spouse2: Tresia Pack        Married: 02/02/02
Spouse3: Joyce Lynn Gould 03-13-1957        Married: 03/03/03
Spouse4: Denise Smith        Married: 04/04/04

Child1: Henry Timberlake Duncan VI 08-14-1978    
Child2: Daniel Steven Duncan 01-18-1988    

Called "Tim"


Most recent update of this person's information was provided by: Joyce Lynn Gould 03-13-1957

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